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MX Track Rules

Let’s Keep Crow Hill a safe place to ride!

Strictly Enforced

    • You must sign in before entering the track and riding.
    • YELLOW FLAG – Rider down – proceed with caution – No jumping.
    • Black Flag – Exit track immediately.
    • NO cutting the track.
    • NO kickstands allowed.
    • NO stopping on the track or pulling off to the side.
    • NO spectators on the track at anytime.
    • All RIDERS must enter the track at the entrance ONLY.
    • All RIDERS must exit the track at exit ONLY.
    • All riders must wear a helmet, goggles and protective gear at all times.
    • No Sneakers/Shorts/Tank tops. Long Sleeves are a must!!!
    • All motorcycles must be trucked into the track and trucked out.
    • No one leaves the premises on motorcycles.
    • Dogs must be leashed at all times.
    • No loud pipes. Stock pipes only. Must meet AMA requirements.
    • Maximum speed limit is 5mph in the pit area and riders must have a helmet on at all times.
    • All riders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and a copy of a legal birth certificate. If accompanied by a guardian then forms #2 and #3 must be filled out and notarized.

***If you do not have your notarized forms you will NOT be able to ride! ***

    • If accompanied by a parent then form #2 must be filled out.
    • No big bikes allowed on 50’s track. No cutting through the 50’s track.
    • The 50’s track is for small bikes only.

All children on the 50’s track must be accompanied by a parent at all times.

If you are stopped for breaking ANY rules you will be asked to leave for the day.